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Adding Comments and CAPTCHA

I set all comments here to require moderation. I have not gotten a legitimate comment on here since shortly after Katrina which was almost 9 years ago. I have gotten a ton of spam. No one besides me sees that. I have been using WordPress’s Jetpack which allows a person to comment using their Facebook, […]


Generate Address Labels in PHP

For a while I was trying to find a PHP script for generating Avery 8160 / 5160 address labels. I found a few scripts that came close, but none did exactly what I needed. I found a script called DOMPDF which generated PDF’s from HTML pages. After a lot of fiddling with measurements, I got […]


2011 so far

Following up in the last post…. Sarah was born on Dec. 26 at 4:19pm. We said we did not want to spend Christmas Day in the hospital. God accommodated. Robin started experiencing back pain that morning. She called the doctor and they told her to come in so we did. They said it was a contraction […]



I updated the blog that I haven’t posted on in over a year. Robin and I are buying a house in St. Bernard. Not much else going on that is worth the effort of mentioning.


Hello world!

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