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Jindal’s Hail Mary

Just in case some of you think I am coming off as very non-libertarian, while I want less government, I want it reduced in a way that works. If you want to land a plane in the air, you don’t just shut off the engine and let the plane crash. There is a certain procedure […]


Conservative organizations get it wrong

I’m blogging at 1 in the morning. If you know me even a little, you know that politically I’m somewhere between conservative and libertarian. Some organizations that I often agree with have gotten an issue wrong that hits home. Two years ago, congress passed the Biggert – Waters Act which was suppose to make the […]


The partial government shutdown

First I say partial shutdown because three quarters of the federal government is still running. If you voted for a republican last year, did you do so because you oppose Obama care? If you voted for a democrat last year, did you do so because you support Obama care? If the republic you voted for […]


Election 2012

I started writing this on Nov. 10, 2012, shortly after the presidential election. I saved it as a draft and meant to finish it later. Well it’s later…. two and a half months later. I added a sentence at the end, but everything else was from November. — I’m combining a lot of thoughts regarding […]


On Romney, Obama, and the 47%

Anyone who knows me pretty well knows that I won’t be voting for the Republicratic candidate Obamney. However, if one is going to criticize them, at least be honest about it. This week’s big story is that that Romney was secretly recorded saying 47% of Americans don’t pay taxes, believe in handouts, and will vote […]


Election 2008

Well while I’m at it, I’ll post some political thoughts. My last post linked to Ron Paul’s Exploratory site. That site turned into which has since turned into . The Campaign For Liberty is holding the Rally for the Republic this week. Too bad the Republicans aren’t allowing Paul to speak at the […]


The Blog is Back

After half a year, I’m finally starting up the blog again. So wher do I start? Democrats won Congress in November. Maybe it will serve as a wake up all to the Republicans. Saddam Hussein was hung. Good Bye. Ron Paul is running for President. While I admit his chances are slim, I have something […]


I’m married now.

I haven’t posted here in a while (like usual). Busy with married life. Been married two weeks now. And I really did not feel like going to work last Monday. Wedding went great. But we were tired afterwards. Again, thanks to everyone who participated, attended, or got us a gift. Pictures can be viewed here: […]


More News

18 Days. Damn. Here is something on a more serious note. About a month or so ago, one of my friend’s nephew shot himself in the head. After about a week or so in the hospital with no improvement, he died. He was health and had nothing to be depressed over. But he was on […]


One of those days

Yes, today was “one of those days”. First off, a funny story from yesterday (Wednesday). I was on the Highway 11 Bridge crossing Lake Pounchatrain on my way to work. Well traffic is slow and on the curve of the bridge I could see a white car holding up traffic. When I finally get in […]


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