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On Romney, Obama, and the 47%

Anyone who knows me pretty well knows that I won’t be voting for the Republicratic candidate Obamney. However, if one is going to criticize them, at least be honest about it.

This week’s big story is that that Romney was secretly recorded saying 47% of Americans don’t pay taxes, believe in handouts, and will vote for Obama over himself. Romney was correct in saying each one of those. But he was incorrect in believing all of them are the same people.

But is really a news story? If you were planning on voting for Obama, is there anything Romney could say that would get you to vote for him? No. This just fires up the base. If you were a Romney supporter before, have you suddenly changed your mind and decided you are going to vote for Obama? Of course not. You didn’t like Romney before. You just want Obama out of office. As long as Romney does change his mind on abortion (which he supported as governor of Mass. and then opposed when he was running for president), marriage (he didn’t seem to have a problem when the Mass. Supreme Court ruled gay marriage was legal while he was governor), Obamacare (which is very similar to Romneycare), or religious liberty (which wasn’t an issue when he was governor), you’re going to vote for him anyway. As for the undecided’s, well is there anyone who is planning on voting for one of these two clowns but doesn’t know which one yet? They are the only ones who might be affected by Romney’s comments. and that number is pretty small.

47% or so of voters will not vote for Romney under any circumstances. 47% or so of voters will not vote for Obama under any circumstances. (It’s probably closer to 48 or 49% but Willard said 47.) Both Romney and Obama know this. Why would either of them pander to a group of people they know they have no chance at getting their vote from. (And Romney sucks at pandering but his campaign is good at sending out mail asking for money. I send back the no postage necessary envelopes so the campaign needs to pay for it.)

Other than the above mentioned issues, both of them agree on war, the patriot act, the draft, infinite detainment of american citizens, warrentless wiretaps, the war on drugs, bank bailouts, providing foreign aid to other countries, more executive control over political parties and taxpayer funded party conventions.

Consider Former Congressman Virgil Goode (Constitution Party), Former Governor Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party), or Jill Stein (Green Party). You’ll find issues you’ll disagree with them on, but they have far more honesty and integrity than Obamney will ever have.

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