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Adding Comments and CAPTCHA

I set all comments here to require moderation. I have not gotten a legitimate comment on here since shortly after Katrina which was almost 9 years ago. I have gotten a ton of spam. No one besides me sees that.

I have been using WordPress’s Jetpack which allows a person to comment using their Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or accounts or they can register an account on here. Doing one of those you should be able to comment without a problem. If you wish to comment without doing one of those, you will have to go through a CAPTCHA puzzle. The only possible issues will be on anyone on a non-mouse / non-touchscreen device. But I don’t think any real people come here, so I doubt I’ll lose a lot of real comments. 🙂

EDIT: Jetpack’s comments do not work for non-social login persons. So I’ve disabled it. You can either post and do the CAPTCHA or actually register an account here.

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