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Added a new section for Hurricane Katrina.

Last night our State Representative Nita Hunter and Parish Councilman Joey DiFatta Sr. came to the Embassy Suites Hotel and had a meeting with St. Bernard residents, probably about 25 or so people there. I’m going from memory so here is what they said. When the Hurricane itself came Monday morning, the worst of the weather was done by 4 or 5 in the morning. But shortly after that, the flooding started, and the water was going up at a rate of a foot every 10 – 15 minutes. The only house in the parish that did not get any water was Wayne (I think that’s his first name) Cresap’s house, who was built on a hill. The Mississippi River Gulf Outlet resulted in another 10 feet of water getting in the parish, but had it been closed, we still would have gotten water in the parish. The water inside the parish is toxic and everything must be decontaminated before people can go back in. The parish council along with Jack Stephens and others worked hard to rescue people. In my previous post I mentioned Wildlife & Fisheries turned people away and would not let them bring food to anyone. That is false. We were also told no one blew any levees to sacrifice St. Bernard and save New Orleans. They will probably blow the levee as doing it will now drain water (and probably have already done so by now). Senators Landreui and Vitter and Representative Melancon are supporting us 100% (quote from DiFatta). St. Bernard OEP Director Larry Ingargiola’s wife is from Canada and this resulted in Canadian Mounties coming down to help. FEMA didn’t do shit (a semi-quote from DiFatta). Some of the help that was meant from St. Bernard never made it there because it was hijacked to help New Orleans first. Village Square burned down. They closed by saying that St. Bernard will be rebuilt better than ever and we will get the money we need to build bigger and stronger levees.

Edit: DiFatta said and outside company will come into decontaminate the place. There is a high number of expected dead. He got to see the state 911 log for that day and there were a lot of calls from St. Bernard saying people were trapped in the attic and the water was rising quickly.

My parents visited our camp in Slidell. Second Floor is in pretty good shape. To get inside, my parents walked through the front side of the building. There is no door or wall. We moved the barbeque grill inside. It went flying through the back wall and ended up under the stairs outside. A camp down the street was gone. Completely except for a few pollands.

More athletes and celebrities are doing things to help out as well as some foreign countries. Even Cuba is trying to help, but it seems their help is not wanted or appreciated.

10 Ways You Can Help:

John Roberts has now been nominated to replace Rehnquist as Chief Justice. O’Connor will serve a while longer until a new replacement can be found. What we really need though is for Souter, Breyer, or Ginsburg to resign. O’Connor is in the middle, not the best or the worst while Rehnquist was amoung the best.

One thought on “More Hurricane News
  • Porce says:

    Hey Brandon

    Glad to see you’re ok. An interesting blog you have here, I just read through all of the hurricane-related entries. I saw the clip of Kayne West saying that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” – he was hosting a special or something or other with Mike Myers. When West said the comment the expression of Myers’ face was pretty humorous.

    I knew another person from St. Bernard Parish from a different forum I visit. He was a cartoonist: he took his computer hard drive and his collection of drawings and drove to Florida. He has been informed that his place is 10 feet under water; what a nasty situation.

    Anyway, glad to hear you’re OK– I hope you make it through this and your life returns to stability as soon as possible.

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