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2005 so far

Year starts off, Robin (my girlfriend if you somehow randomly came across this page and have never met me before) on the waiting list for nursing school.

A week and a half before the semester she gets a call and they have an opening.

Two weeks and a half into the semester she needs to withdraw for health reasons.

She is now looking at a Certified Nursing Assistant Course that will be less stressful both physically and metally.

Tuesday February 15 I have been informed that I will be getting laid off at the end of April. Our office will be shutting down. We actually knew this was only a matter of time. I am actually relieved since there is no longer an uncertainty. This comes just as we have fixed our problem with MS Exchange 2003 that was plaguing us since the summer. (The problem was MS does not use standard SMTP commands so the Cisco PIX firewall was blocking non-standard traffic.) I’m not too worried as God has a plan.

Wednesday February 16 one of my friends in the Knights of Columbus was injured at work. He has a broken jaw and a crack in his skull. His vital signs are good, but he is still be heavily monitored and doctors are still running tests. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

(Not sure why the date says the 19th when I have posted this on the 18th. Sure it’s some minor setting. Just noticed I can edit the date / time of a post. Good enough.)

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