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So I didn’t get three days in a row. But three posts in four days still ain’t bad.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell issued the penalties for the Saints Bounty program. Former Defensive Coordinator Greg Williams (now with the Rams) is suspended indefinitely. As the main guy behind this, he may deserve this. I think one year would have been better, but it had to be more than what Head Coach Sean Payton got. Payton got a one year suspension which I believe is overkill. General Manager Mickey Loomis is suspended for 8 games and assistant coach Joe Vitt got 6 games. Perhaps those were appropriate. The team also lost a second round pick this year and next year. (They traded this year’s first round pick last year.) Those may be appropriate. The only one I really believe Goodell went overboard on was Payton for a whole year.

The other part of the story is that former player and now analyst Warren Sapp says former Saints Tight End Jeremy Shockey was the ‘snitch’ who ratted out the team to the league. Shockey denies it. If Shockey really is innocent then Sapp owes him a big apology as Shockey is getting plenty of negative feedback on Facebook and Twitter. Of course if it’s true, then yeah, he deserves it.

If I were Benson, I would not be voting in favor of anything positive for Goodell. If Goodell shows up in New Orleans for the Superbowl, there may be riots. Shockey played for the Panthers last season but is currently a free agent. Curious if he’ll end up on a team the Saints play. And I wonder if they’ll be a bounty on him.

Benjamin Butler is known as the most hated man in Louisiana history. Ginger Berrigan and James Perry are probably the most despised people among St. Bernardians in recent memory. Goodell (or maybe Badell (Good-ell vs. Bad-ell)) will now be on the top of that list for some time.

In 6 seasons with the Saint Quarterback Drew Brees has gotten screwed out of MVP at least twice. If he gets the Saints into the playoffs this year with all of the adversity the team is facing, then there will be no question who deserves the MVP. Hopefully the sign him to a long term contract, and do so before April 1.

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